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About BNI West Yorkshire

BNI is the most successful networking and referral-marketing organisation of its kind in the world. Consequently, BNI West Yorkshire networking events are second to none. BNI has created the ultimate business environment for members in Leeds, Wakefield, Ilkley, Keighley, Bradford, Skipton, and elsewhere across Yorkshire to exchange valuable business referrals and ideas to help them build their businesses. BNI members are part of an organisation that has the philosophy of Giver’s Gain:

“If I give you business you will want to give me business.”

BNI members in West Yorkshire meet every week, not to sell to each other but to train one another about their respective businesses and the referrals to whom they would like an introduction. This intelligent, collaborative networking takes new business acquisition to an exciting level - it will change the way you do business.

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How can BNI help my business?

BNI West Yorkshire has helped thousands of businesses over the years; large and small, trades and professions - from Leeds to Bradford, from Skipton, Keighley and Ilkley to Wakefield. BNI can help you wherever your business is based by providing local support and giving you access to a global network.

BNI’s Referral Marketing System has been helping members for three decades and is a proven business formula. It works because it goes much further than simple networking. It trains BNI members to build trust and credibility with one another, and so build confidence to pass valuable referrals.

Real Business Benefits

We are constantly running training courses and business development programmes across West Yorkshire most of which can be attended by non-members by invitation of a member including:

  • Practical referral marketing training
  • Presentation skills
  • Imaginative networking techniques
  • Business planning skills
  • Business development workshops

We also run BNI Givers Gain in the Community where we invite schools to bring students (usually 16+) to attend business skills events. We also work in collaboration with schools, colleges and universities whereby we bring the BNI business training system to their venue.  

Being a member of BNI lets you tap into an opportunity that is not just another 'talking shop', its a system that you use every day in business that is proven to return maximum results.

Find out how BNI can help you and your business by visiting a BNI group near you.

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Paul CampbellThank You BNI…

I started my business in May 2000 and joined BNI in April 2001.  Being honest, I struggled in those first 11 months; sales were generated mainly via telemarketing, which I found soul destroying. I went into business to do a great job AND earn lots of money. I had nailed the former, however not the latter.

I was invited to my first BNI meeting by a client who asked me to, “Come networking with me at 7am!”  I had never even heard of networking and to me 7am seemed like a ridiculous time to meet! Anyway, I went to the meeting and was told it was a BNI core group that was getting ready for launch.

I was reluctant to join at first, primarily due to the fact I had no money, and I mean no money. How bad was it? I was living off numerous credit cards and juggling balances, a crazy situation really, so when I was asked for my 16 digit number, I had no idea which one to put down. I didn’t join that week, however I saw the potential BNI could offer to my business. I returned the next week armed with a credit card with just enough reserve on it to pay the fees. 

I was 25 when I first joined and to me, all the other members seemed a lot more mature and knowledgeable. To say I was intimidated is an understatement. Addressing the group about my business in my first 60 seconds was terrible. I hid behind a sheet of A4 and shook like a leaf. My first 10 minutes (which I tried desperately to avoid) was just as terrible.  I was a nervous public speaker, however fourteen years later and thanks to BNI I think I’m now actually quite good. Put it this way, I run BNI trainings with over 100 people in the audience and have been Chapter Director on numerous occasions.  What a great by-product of my membership. Thank you BNI.

BNI has also helped me mix with a variety of people at all different business levels. I’m from a working class background and I didn’t know business people growing up, I knew people who worked in factories, steel works and the mines. In the first few weeks it was strange to see people in suits, some driving BMW’s and Jaguars, all this was new to me. BNI is a ‘good leveller’; a solicitor who studied at the best university in the country, is a peer and will treat you as such.  I now mix in different circles. Why is this important? Well it opens doors. Doors that would have always been closed to me. Thanks BNI.

Now look at the team here at Effective Group.  We have nine team members, seven of which I met through BNI.  Its little things like that you forget, but BNI has allowed me to build a fantastic, stable team. Thank you BNI.

And then there’s the money.  When I joined BNI I was living off credit cards and running my business from my Mum and Dad’s house.  I have just had a referral to offer our SEO services to 70 franchisees across the country, which is a great potential earner. We now have a team of nine, two offices and turnover well into six figures per year, 80% of which is due to BNI. Thank you BNI.

Paul Campbell - Pioneers BNI (Leeds)
Effective Group

Effective Group

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