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Rick Armstrong

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Rick Armstrong
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Rick Armstrong

Mentor Group

Area Director Consultant

My BusinessWhether your business or organisation is large or small, established or just starting out, no matter the product or service BNI can help you and those around you gain a new perspective and acquire greater success while you enjoy the process. The BNI system stimulates thought and action to help you start or grow your business regardless of the nature of the product or service you offer. In addition we provide core training in a broad range of courses such as referral skills, networking and presentation skills, business planning and business development.

Ideal ReferralAny business small or large from just starting up to firmly established.

Top ProductUltimately the combined system of BNI opens up opportunity in 70+ countries worldwide.

Top Problem SolvedSo many solutions and so little space to discuss them here.

My Favorite BNI StoryI have so many great stories but the ones that are the most profound have not been about referrals or wealth creation or business growth, and I have a lot of those. They are the human stories of members reaching out to help people they might not know well but who are clearly going through a life challenging event. Members who pitch in when their BNI colleagues are ill or a loved one has a difficult health issue. I have seen members drive hundreds of miles to support a member they just happened to hear needed help. I personally know trades people who have turned up to donate their time and skill to fix a property (for no payment) when they heard of a difficulty with accommodation and the owner was too ill to work. Gifts donated anonymously to the poor and homeless. Miles run, roads cycled and mountains climbed to raise funds for a member who represents a charity category in BNI. I have seen members celebrate births, cry at funerals, laugh at life and raise glasses to absent friends. Some people accuse BNI of having high expectations of its members, thank God it does, and we are all the better for that because those high standards mean we attract more and more people who understand that business and life are not separate entities; they are one and the best people support their colleagues with everything from a referral to a business opportunity through to the outstretched hand of friendship. I simply don't know of any other organisation that combines so much, so well.

My Ideal Referral PartnerAdvisors to businesses and organisations.