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Yorkshire West

Niri Patel... Executive Director for BNI in Yorkshire, Humber, North Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire talks about over 17 years of BNI being in the region and its growing impact on the local economy.

Rick Armstrong... Area Director for BNI in Yorkshire North and West has been a member of BNI since 2001. Here Rick gives a snapshot of the Givers Gain philosophy and some tips about how to maximise the outcome opportunities from applying the BNI system in your business.

Steve Hand... Executive Director of BNI in the North Carolina Triangle Region, USA, conducts a training session for the Pay It Forward chapter on how to create and present an effective Member Presentation.

Ivan Misner...

Carolyn Denny - Founding Member...

Mike Ryan - Founding Member...

BNI hits new worldwide record...

Over 7,300 groups
65 Countries
Over 192,000 members

The BNI system is changing the way the world does business with more and more people realising that networking is not a place, a venue or a time of the week. True networking is all about what you choose to do for others in between meetings. The meetings themselves are to report what you have done and to educate each other about what you each want the rest to look out for in the 7 days ahead.

Members of BNI passed 7.1 million referrals in 2015 which equated to a staggering £6.4 Billion in business referred between members.

'The BNI system of referral based networking is specifically designed to work in members businesses as opposed to something to which you just turn up and hope for opportunity to appear; hope is definitely not a strategy for success. BNI members understand that the true basis of networking is not about attending a meeting, it is all about what you do for others between meetings.' Said Rick Armstrong, BNI Area Director - West Yorkshire